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Han felt a little nervous, but decided to believe in Simon. He was just a bit more snobby and prideful, but he wasn't a coward that would back out of a deal halfway through.


Many students were returning after completing their training drills. Kuro watched all the youths he passed. Everyone's body looked burly but their faces remained childish. They would all fight against humanity's extinction. Kuro tried to imagine himself wearing the suit and fighting against dragons.


"Also, Kuro, you're excluded from the mock battle. Instead, you will be transferred to class A. Your telekinesis skills have surpassed the stage of expert and you're able to give your opponent a critical blow. Your strength is too great and will cause an imbalance in strength between the two teams."


The True Group members consisted of many different nations. Each fighter's motive and goals drastically differed. His own life did not matter in the face of God's mission.


Usually the students suffered complications due to problems relating to their physical bodies; there had never been a case where one would suffer due to psychic energies. This was the reason why Grace and the researchers took awhile to figure out the problem Han was suffering from.


Han looked toward the youth with brown curly hair amongst the new transfers. He had come to Ark from the cold regions of Scandinavia.

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The mask solidly covered even the back of his head. There were theories that he kept his face hidden because of a disfiguring scar on his face.


The old man was still angry, but made sure to make detailed memos of Sergeant Red's comments. The two looked very close.


Han let off a bitter smile while watching Kuro. Happiness and sadness welled up at once. He shook off the hands which held his hand and walked out.


Another member scolded. While the squad members muttered amongst themselves Inspector James Rue arrived in front of the squad. He took out a handkerchief and wiped the sweat from his forehead.


The western army youths made small groups of 3-4 friends and adapted based on the circumstances. Therefore, there was no way they could carry out a plan as a whole. Drill instructor Wei had predicted this outcome and spoke while laughing.


They passed the third year dorms and escaped the complicated maze-like building structures. All the buildings were labeled with abbreviations so Han had no idea what the structures were for.


Eight kilometers were left until their military operation's final destination. They had chosen to walk to the destination to avoid the Elu mage's attention and bombing attacks. When Elu mages decide the situation is dangerous, they will choose to immediately flee. After the war of aggression had ended, the Elu mage had managed to slip from Ark's target for these past twelve years. The Elu mage this time around was very careful and cunning.



"Kijo, I will hand out the tasks to those that are skilled to do so. I will be as fair as possible to everyone. If you wish to show off your strength, then prove it to me with your skills. I don't have plans to drive my squad into danger for your 'trivial' reasons."



Han's eyes glowed. The werewolf must jump over their barricade, and at that moment, its movement would be limited while in the air. If they were to hit the werewolf while in the air, it would suffer a critical injury.


"It will be fine to ignore it if we don't encounter it. If we confirm that there are no more survivors, we will leave and bomb the building."


He expertly used his psychic skills. He had been personally selected by Sergeant Red as one of the greatest talents amongst those in Ark. Simon didn't have any major psychological problems. He was just a bit unpleasant to be around.

  • It was a different story trying to hit a moving target inside a forest. Canute felt the skill difference with his body. The experience difference between squad 9 and 13 was too vast.
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