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However, this type of discussion is for the philosophers. Humans were already struggling enough to protect themselves, they didn't have the luxury to look after others as well. To humans, only humans have dignity. Humans had to choose the lesser of the two evils.


"But I was right tactically. Even if I were to join you guys, I wouldn't have been able to fight. I would probably end up revealing our location to squad 9."


Modern weapons had been useful against the minions. Weapons made of dragon bones were made to be used with psychic powers. Against minions whose psychic powers were near nonexistent, modern weapons proved to be much more useful.


Canute chugged down his cola. The carbonation woke up his senses. He threw the can in the trash. He quickly organized his room that he left vacant for a while before returning to training with his squad.


Simon's gun sounded loudly. He used his shield to block the Elu warrior's bullets as he joined them. He blocked an incoming Elu warrior's attack. He lifted a rock the size of his head with his telekinesis and threw it at the Elu warrior's head.


"I'll let you die a painful death." Schwartz let go of his rationality and freed his true spirit. His sword gleamed with murderous intent behind every attack.

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"A funny guy. Is it trying to imitate humans?" Schwartz's eyes glinted with light while he continued forward. He took a single leap which flung him forward ten meters. He was now buffed with extra strength and was capable of chasing down the Elu.


The second years of Ark were in a lull. Their training and lectures were put on hold. Han returned to his dorms to lay down in bed. Everyone had shut themselves in their own rooms.


Grace mumbled feeling relieved. She got up and poured herself another cup of coffee, then she faltered. The monitor screen graph jerked rapidly.


He ignited a small area with strong flames. This type of psychic control was difficult.


The drill instructors had rationed life necessities that were needed to survive on the island. As long as he didn't panic, problems should not occur.


Han hung onto the werewolf's back while twisting and stirring the spear. The werewolf wailed out, screamed and fainted. Kijo got squished below the werewolf and got splattered in its blood.


The trainers and teachers were talking in the resting area. They were enjoying a cup of coffee while looking through some hologram files.



Jose mumbled and hid behind the tree. The ninth squad suffered an injury and became paralyzed. They mustered their last remaining strength to crawl to cover.



Inspector Rue opened his eyes wide. Han almost spilled the beans unknowingly. Han paused momentarily and followed up the question with another question.


This is not a drill. Enemy attack. Second year squads protect and suppress the inspectors. I repeat, enemy attack. Second year squads, locate and capture the closest inspector. There is a traitor amongst them.


Han walked out of the dorms. He saw heavy equipment being moved all over Ark. Ark was undergoing reconstruction at full speed.

  • "The drill instructors won't ask us to do something that is impossible. Do you want some crackers?"
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