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"They need to fill the necessary numbers for the second years, I feel like there won't be any transfers into third year for the time being."


Han grabbed Kijo's back and pulled him away. Kijo rolled onto the ground and tripped. The werewolf's nails swiped passed where Kijo had been in the next moment. That had been the werewolf's last remaining strength.


"Starting from today, we will be conducting mock battle training. It is an upgraded version of capture the flag. The class will be divided into an Eastern and Western Army; the group to bring the enemy's flag to their side will be the winner."


Simon had just transferred, but he ranked within the top five among everyone here. Their strength was on a different level than their time during year 1.


This was the reason Ark had been built on an artificial island, which was constantly being moved around the Pacific Ocean. There was always top secret information being withheld from the youths. Their current enemies were not minions, but humans.


Ark's goal was the creation of 'psyker soldiers.' These soldiers needed to surpass all types of despair, and hunt dragons. Having strong mental strength and endurance was a basic requirement.

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It didn't make sense why they had to shoot the soldiers of Ark that had just come out from the research center. Wuxiaworld for visiting.


Many cats permanently resided on the artificial island, Ark. In the beginning stages when Ark was being built, many individuals suffered from loneliness and raised pets to cope. The pets that people had raised bred together and multiplied to the current population today. These cats would drop into the student dorms for food scraps.


"Everyone has good balance. One of them has already developed their own unique skills."


The surprise attack had been long ago, and all the aerial defense system of Ark were on full alert. Even the slightest suspicious sign alerted the anti-aircraft guns. It was not possible to request for additional aid.


Only the elite could be formally be instated as a psyker soldier because the price for their equipment prices was astronomical.


The drill instructors gave commands to the thirteenth squad leader first before the other squad leaders.


"He was judged as an A6 Rank for his Psychic powers. His future is bright. His telekinesis power is also excellent. He's already far past the first years. He's still young so there is a chance that he could go up to the A1 ranks as well."



They easily sliced and tore the enemies in two. The werewolves were slaughtered and torn to pieces. The werewolves were powerless against the overwhelming battle prowess of the psychoframes.



Humans easily killed one another without hesitation. His peers which he shared meals with died one after another, and the youths gradually turned into murderers themselves. There wasn't a shred of noble justice or any form of morality.


Theoretically, everyone should be able to survive without food for a week. But, in reality three days without food would bring intense pain through the entire body.


Water streamed out, Han splashed his face with water and looked at his own reflection. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

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